Like to spike

sport learning based on motor skill science! sport learning based on the art of having fun!



Like to Spike staff believes the best way to teach athletes is to create an inviting, learning atmosphere.  No athletes make mistakes on purpose, therefore the staff firmly believes if an athlete is not acquiring the skills being taught, as instructors we have to draw on our experiences to teach in as many ways as possible to ensure we help the athlete reach their potential.

All of the training, camps and clinics that are offered are based on the USA Volleyball methodology for teaching skills, simply stated, simple is better than complex.  We work hard to ensure we break the “Traditions” that hold players back from acquiring skills faster, and we believe that the key to success in any sport is having as many opportunities to respond in game-like scenarios as possible.

Our clinics, camps and trainings are going to be fast paced.  They are going to “limit” us “talking” and have a lot more “doing” to acquire the skills.   Science has taught us that skill acquisition is attained by “doing” not by listening.  Therefore, we focus all of our offerings to maximize those QUALITY opportunities to respond in a game like manner.


Doug Blystone is the founder of “Like to Spike”.  More information can be found on Doug by clicking here.