Like To Spike was formed in 2017 to offer science based training for the sport of volleyball, while ensuring to keep the activities fun and engaging.  

Doug Blystone is a USA Volleyball CAP Cadre member (teaches for USA Volleyball around the country).  Blystone also holds a master's degree in Coaching from Concordia University-Irvine, as well as being a certified strength and conditioning coach from ISSA (International Sport Sciences Association).  Doug has led high school, club and collegiate teams to playoffs, and multiple tournament wins. Currently holding a CAP Level III certification, and Beach Level II certification, Doug has a wealth of experience from training Kindergarten athletes through college level athletes.  More details on Doug's experience can be found by visiting his page found here.

"Training is based on the science of motor skill learning" comments Blystone. "The difference between training youth athletes and elite collegiate athletes is simply the focus points, keys and cues used with those athletes".  Like to Spike believes in continuous learning for both it's staff and those who train with us.  

Like to Spike is not affiliated with any other club, collegiate or training program.  It is open to all regardless of other affiliations that want to train with an experienced coaching staff that bases all of it's training on the latest research provided to our sport through various outlets.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  Like to Spike pushes athletes outside their comfort zone to make them better faster, and defies volleyball "traditions' where they are not benefitting the athlete due to fundamental motor skill violations or missing core components of a rebound sport.  

Private training is also available.  Please contact Doug for more details at